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SIMPOW - Dynamic simulation module

In Simpow there are two dynamic simulation modes in Simpow: Transient stability and instantaneous value mode. Each mode can be characterised as dynamic simulation of a power system under steady state or disturbed symmetrical or unsymmetrical conditions.

Transient stability mode calculates by phasor models the power-frequency components of AC system and the average values of DC system voltages and currents. The primary components are represented as positive, negative and zero sequence quantities.

The instantaneous value mode calculates the instantaneous values of voltages and currents. The primary components are represented as dq0 quantities.

During a time-domain simulation, users are able to switch between transient stability mode and instantaneous value mode.

An implicit predictor-corrector method of integration for simultaneous solution of all algebraic and differential equations is employed in dynamic simulation. The default method is a combination of Gear's integration method and the trapezoidal integration method, with automatically controlled variable time step. The solution method assures retained accuracy and numerical stability also for long-term simulations.

There is a comprehensive set of models available for dynamic simulations including HVDC and SVC systems.

Highlights in Simpow v11.0

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