Fault analysis models:

Three-phase fault to ground, Two-phase fault to ground, Single-phase fault to ground, Two-phase fault, General fault, Phase interruption, General phase interruption, Travelling shunt faults, relay protections, etc.

SIMPOW - Fault analysis module

The fault analysis module simulates steady-state symmetrical or asymmetrical conditions, considering power-frequency voltages and currents. Fault analysis processes a linearized "frozen" state of dynamic simulation at an arbitrary point of time after the occurrence of an event, normally at zero time.

The fault analysis module performs calculation of power-frequency short-circuit currents and can be specified to include short-circuit currents, their distribution, their positive, negative and zero sequence components, as well as the corresponding short-circuit impedances seen from the faulty nodes.

The fault analysis module calculates also according to the procedure and rules of the Standard IEC 909, which results in maximum and minimum values of initial, peak, breaking and steady-state short-circuit currents on arbitrary nodes can be calculated.

Highlights in Simpow v11.0

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Basic Functions of Simpow