Power-flow models:

Nodes, Lines, Transformers, Series Reactors, Series Capacitors, Shunt Impedances, Loads, Asynchronous Machines, Mechanical Loads, Rotary Converters, HVDC Converters, PWM Converters, Cyclo-converters etc.

SIMPOW - Power-flow analysis module

The power-flow module simulates steady-state symmetrical conditions, considering the power-frequency voltages and currents. A single-phase model using positive-sequence quantities represents the power system. The node voltages, injected active and reactive power and some other variables give the state of the system.

Either the Dynamic method or the Newton-Raphson method is the numerical technique employed to solve the power flow.

A variety of constraints on variables and limits can be specified. Multi power-flow runs are defined by run instructions in a Command File. User defined modelling in power-flow computations is possible with the modelling language Dynamic Simulation Language, DSL.

Highlights in Simpow v11.0

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Basic Functions of Simpow